I'm a 3rd generation, born & raised from the"City of Angels" Los Angeles, California! My numerology is a Master Number 11. By human design I'm a Generator.  My Avatar Felix is a Desert, Pirate, Ninja, Gypsy, Badass Super Hero, Healer, Rock Star Artist made of love, light and infinite MAGIC.  I'm a fully actualized, fully self-expressed cosmic being. I'm also a limitless creative, leather worker, gem & jewel dealer, healer, teacher, personal empowerment coach, mystic, designer, flow tool manufacture, choreographer, MC, singer, song writer, slam poet, dancer & live entertainer! I've been a professional fire performer, flow arts instructor, artist manager & event producer since 2010. "Felix & The FireCats" is my personal troupe of very talented, BADASS, highly skilled, professional, sexy, empowered  and fully self-expressed goddesses that perform with me on a regular basis. The FireCats provide a  wide variety of circus performing arts and entertainment for any and ALL occasions!  My law of attraction is the best performers/entertainers in the Burning Man Community. My mission is LOVE & to assist in the ascension process of our race through my art. Soul Family is my Brand. Soul Family Productions is my business & OUR mission is to save the world!

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Felix The FireCat


Based out of:

City Of Angeles​

& Sin City


Tel: (310)210-7972